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Do you find it increasingly difficult to trust service providers in uncertain times? Are you worried about the transfer of wealth to the next generation? Do you struggle with your future role in the family, the business or wealth organization? Do you want to have more control over your wealth and organize it better? 

With the BeeWyzer NextGen wealth enabling journey you find the knowledge, wisdom and tools to get it right! Understand wealth planning and investment implementation and define your own journey in the triangle of family business, wealth and personal aspirations! Wealth is more than investments, facts and figures, it is about people and psychology, strategy and structures just as much. No matter, if you are 20 or 50 years of age, you can be a NextGen.

You do not have to become a financial professional yourself in order to take control: We show you how to put up your personal balance sheet as status quo. How to define your goals and develop a strategy to get there. How to pick good service providers and products, how to tackle risk management and how to evaluate and compare investment success. Even after the transfer has taken place, wealth structuring will always be an ongoing work.

Stop relying on trust or a good feeling. Start to take control yourself and shape strategies and structures. Prepare for a smooth transfer process between generations.

Align your family interests and create your own roadmap

Increase your return and lower the costs of asset management

Become independent from consultants who are not independent

Learn online with state-of-the-art didactics from experienced experts

Efficient training enables you with worksheets and tools

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BeeWyzer is a provider of online trainings enabling you to structure, organize and invest
your wealth better and get the oversight on advisers and service providers:

With BeeWyzer you get into the driver seat of your wealth organization, allowing for
better risk-adjusted returns, more sustainability and less internal family conflicts

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Nine modules will optimize your wealth organization

Worksheets and tools
help you deepen the knowledge from the videos and apply them directly to your individual situation. There are spreadsheets for your own figures and checklists preparing your decisions.

Three bonus modules brush-up knowledge you may already have on liquid assets, illiquid assets and new trends.

With overall about 25 videos with up to 5 hours training plus worksheets and enabling tools, this is neither narrow technical schooling nor broad psychological guessing. The combination of practical knowledge and wisdom with psychological patterns and enabling tools will allow you to decide the big wealth issues yourself.

Generational issues

Understanding different conflict levels along 3 circles: family, business, ownership

The BeeWyzer Method

Set up your holistic personal balance sheet covering 5 dimensions of wealth

Personal Roadmap

Define your role in business  or wealth management or an independent journey


Getting corporate governance, family governance and wealth governance straight


Design your strategic asset allocation and find the form of organisation that fits


Best practice of how to prepare, take and implement investment decisions

Sustainable Investing

From ESG for environmental, social and governance aspects to impact investing

Controlling & Risk Management

Understanding return & performance
after cost and risk

Role Positioning

Final decision on your future role and the best form of organisation for the family wealth

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Your coaching team: Tessy Antony de Nassau will be your masterclass guide on this journey. Your wealth mentors are two experts that started BeeWyzer. Together they account for more than 50 years of experience in the financial services industry and in advising families of wealth - at banks, asset managers and family offices internationally.

You can find out more about the mentors here.



After an impeccable educational journey Tessy Antony de Nassau decided to put theory into practice. She actively promotes a number of issues, including global health and women’s rights. She is passionate about pushing her different agendas to benefit the Sustainable Development Goals and has committed her time and energy to furthering the work of organisations in which she believes in. Moreover, she is actively committed to strengthening basic human rights for all and empowering young women and adolescent girls around the world. She got bestowed the Dame Grand Cross of Order of Adolphe of Nassau from HRH Grand Duc Henri of Luxembourg. Moreover, she received the Woman of the Decade award from the Women Economic Forum in January 2017, the Humanities medal for spreading humanistic ideas worldwide and the Global Empowerment Award for her work in Africa. She was named “Leader of the Year 2019” by the Leadership Academy in Luxembourg.

Her commitments to education can be seen in her Charity, Professors Without Borders where she holds the title as President and Co-Founder– that brings top-level educators and global experts to the doorsteps of students worldwide, in order to develop talent. 

Tessy is the Founder of the Global consultancy ‘ Finding Butterflies Consultancy Ltd’, a strategic communication firm which aims to be supporting governments, institutions and business leaders in  Impact projects, educational campaigns, women inclusion, and conference attendance and organisation. Tessy is also an associate at LSEideas at the London School of Economics a global recognised educational institution in London. 


Peter Brock is particularly familiar with wealth structuring, real assets, private equity / venture capital and sustainable investment strategies. He holds the Certificate in Family Wealth Advising from the US institute FFI and is a former chartered accountant. He has worked for investment banks and for Ernst & Young.

You can find out more about the mentors here.

Christian Stadermann has three decades of experience in the financial industry, in financial markets, private wealth and asset management. He is a Certified Financial Planner and has experience in risk management and controlling. He has worked in Germany and Switzerland and managed a family office of the Quandt family.

You can find out more about the mentors here.

History of BeeWyzer

BeeWyzer GmbH was founded in the beginning of 2020 by Peter Brock and Christian Stadermann. It was set up in Berlin after a detailed market survey and planning phase. The Covid-19 pandemic was not on the table then, but modern online trainings became even more popular ever since. After various stock market crashes (financial and Covid-19 crisis), wealthy private customers find it increasingly difficult to trust service providers – they want to get into the driver seat themselves. BeeWyzer closes a gap in the market with its training enabling training programs that cover all relevant topics for better wealth organization. The BeeWyzer Masterclass is an efficient kit for a successful transfer of wealth across generations.



from the financial industry - no product selling


tools that are applicable to your individual situation


all assets and non-financial aspects of a transfer


Impact investing & ESG
Environment, Society, Governance

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  • Many worksheets and tools that can be applied to your situation directly
  • 3 online networking events for direct contact with your trainers and co-students
  • Free ticket for a possible BeeWyzer live event in Berlin in 2022
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The BeeWyzer Method leads you through the jungle of financial products and services. You will be able to draft your personal masterplan for your wealth and define your own roadmap. You will be able to avoid family conflicts in a transfer process and draft your family governance guidelines.

You will get the knowledge and techniques to understand, select and control your financial service providers, when you implement your plan. You will be more confident in your decisions and in a better negotiating position with service providers.


It was never that easy to organize your wealth better!

Lower the cost, increase the return, get independent of consultants that are not - why wait?

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