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We thank all our partners for their continuous support and great cooperation. We have received a lot of intellectual input, great cooperation with partners who think alike and a lot of practical help. Everybody who starts something new needs such strong support. Without it you are just not able to to tackle the compexity of topics you have to deal with: tax and legal, technology, finance, didactics, media, and many more. And sometimes it just feels good hearing somebody say that she or he is sure it will all work out in the end...


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is a single family office committed to sustainable business practices and to outcome-oriented impact investing. The impact projects selected all contribute towards resolving a fundamental ecological or social problem. 4L Vision commits to using everything at their disposal and at all levels to make impact investing a successful mainstream concept.  Impact investing will move beyond its niche when impact  portfolios  become financially interesting to investors. Therefore, good financial returns are of key importance. This way, impact investing can deliver the greatest possible effect – for the benefit of everyone, contributing to the preservation of our natural and basic needs. Thus impact investing promotes a fairer society and healthier environment.



was formed in 2001 to provide professional news services to participants in the alternative investment sector. Since inception, Opalesque has been providing premium online information services related to the hedge fund and investment industries. The Opalesque publication Alternative Market Briefing is the only daily hedge fund news service read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves.

Opalesque changed the world of hedge funds by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service. Each week, Opalesque sends out over 700,000 editions of its seventeen publications to a global readership in over 170 countries



is committed to empowering boards in leadership, excellence, governance, culture. Wisdom Board is a pioneering, community-centric services firm formed in 2020 providing thoughtful digital insights and enablement to boards, their CEOs, directors, and stakeholders. Wisdom Board empowers private company directors, leaders, and owners to optimize, inform, fortify, and modernize governance. Our founding principles reflect a commitment to sharing wisdom with our members and community to empower their companies’ corporate excellence in governance, cultural harmony and balance, corporate diversity, and finally, to identify, pursue, and sustain their legacies.





provides a secure web & mobile platform enabling board members, shareholders, family members and their close advisors to easily connect, communicate and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With over 160 client families, Trusted Family is an award-winning technology platform serving family businesses and family offices around the world. Founded by two next-generation entrepreneurs from European business families, the company leverages a decade of industry expertise to help family governance entities thrive and achieve sustainable, long-term success.




Family Hippocampus

is a think and do tank focussed on business family dynamics. The NPO is driven by members from business families who combine their experiential information as family members with theoretical insights from various fields of academia.

The purpose of Family Hippocampus is to empower business families to create a conscious culture for multigenerational and socio-emotional wealth preservation by raising awareness, shaking the trees and challenging the status quo.

We conduct research to learn, share our insights and develop new ontologies and tools to manage family dynamics more effectively.

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