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Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps towards creating your unique wealth structure, management and governance. Understanding your requirements, objectives and final scope is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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Your wealth grows because you make the right choices and take the right decisions. To do so, you need objective information, an appropriate structure, the right advisors and investments. But most of all you need to know what is right for you, your individual situation and that of your family as well as to be prepared to execute your investment strategy consistently.


Securing your wealth will depend on the professional approach that you take, the adequate wealth structure you choose and the set up to take investment decisions, to control and monitor. Without asset protection measures your wealth may become vulnerable to risk areas such as: investment risk, market risk, liquidity risk, reputational risk, confidentiality risks, tax, compliance and regulatory risk.


Your intention may be to transfer your wealth across generations by donation, inheritance or succession. To do so successfully, you will need to take the right steps in relation to investment management, family governance, tax and legal issues. If you own and run a company, a succession plan for the executive management based upon family values and legacy will be important to you.

Get to know the people behind BeeWyzer

BeeWyzer was initiated in Berlin by two experienced professionals with backgrounds in wealth management, education and entrepreneurship. They are trusted advisors, that have worked with investors, wealth owners and entrepreneurial families on a global scale.

There are more people behind BeeWyzer, supporting it with ideas, network and finance. They are too many to be mentioned here. But they will show up in a special place on this website at a later point in time !

Peter Brock
Christian Stadermann

Peter Brock & Christian Stadermann

are two experienced experts from the financial industry with a strong track record in wealth management - see the CV's in the 'About' section. Working in the industry for a long time for various companies and in different positions made them understand its strengths and weaknesses. They realized that there was no client training for tackling the organization of wealth in a holistic way. Only limited topics were dealt with by truly enabling programs - like 'how to become a trader' or the like. The big picture was usually covered by experts who wanted to sell themselves as the solution to the problems they pretended to teach. So Christian and Peter thought about a way in between simply trusting experts and becoming an investment professional yourself. They designed an enabling programme showing you how to put up a holistic balance sheet of your wealth. How to define your needs and targets and develop a strategy from there. How to select appropriate service providers and measure their success. The BeeWyzer Method for balance sheet design and management was created as a powerful tool for wealth owners, helping them to take better decisions and find a good mix between trusting experts and controlling them.

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