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Get the knowledge and wisdom on liquid and illiquid investments and learn different lines of sustainable investing.

Four modules from the BeeWyzer Masterclass including 10 training videos and 4 worksheets will give you the basics for growing, securing and optimising your wealth.


  • Do you want a better understanding of the investment world in order to talk the financial services industry at eye level?

  • Do you want to have more control over your wealth and organize it better?

  • Do you want a sustainable investing approach from ESG to impact investing?
  • Do you want to combine your online training with an expert coaching on all the issues you may have?

Align your family interests and create your own roadmap

Increase your return and lower the costs of asset management

Become independent from consultants who are not truly independent

Learn online with state-of-the-art didactics from experienced experts

Get enabled with efficient trainings based on videos, worksheets and tools



Get mentored by one of the Beewyzer wealth experts and gain immediate access to 4 modules from the BeeWyzer Masterclass, with 10 training videos, 4 worksheets and all the necessary tools to transform your tomorrow.


Module 7:

Sustainable Investing

You will learn about sustainable investing principles generally, and how to integrate them both into your family values and your wealth structure, from negative screening, and ESG integration to impact investing. You will discover state-of-the-art philanthropy and impact investing methods and understand the importance of all this for a successful and sustainable wealth transfer in the long term.


Bonus 1:

Liquid Investments

How much risk in stocks you can take depends mostly on your investment horizon - listen to an example from the real world on how time heals shocks in securities accounts for the next generation.

Bonus 2:

Iliquid Investments

Illiquid investments typically include real estate, private equity, venture capital or other forms of direct entrepreneurial investments. But also other long term assets like passion investments, infrastructure or agricultural investments, which all carefully need to be allocated in your overall wealth portfolio so that you stay liquid and solvent at any point in time. You need to consider the traditional triangle of asset management, an optimal distribution between risk, return and liquidity.

"Bonus 3:"

Current Trends

ETF has long passed the wrapping of passive index investment at low cost. So you better watch out what you buy under the label of ETF!

Get Started Now!

The BeeWyzer Method leads you through the jungle of financial products and services with a language everybody understands.

You will get the knowledge and techniques to understand, select and control your financial service providers, when you implement your plan. You will be more confident in your decisions and in a better negotiating position with service providers.

EUR 1,200

- incl. VAT / sales tax
  • Enabling Training with 4 modules across 10 training videos
  • Four worksheets that allow you to repeat the content of the videos and to deepen your knowledge
  • Independent experts with together more than 50 year of experience share their wisdom