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The financial services industry continues to change – not only due to the significant financial crises (Lehman, Covid-19) and the continuing regulatory changes, but also due to digitalization, changing requirements from the Next Generation of wealth owners or the increasingly product-driven financial services industry.

As a result of all of these changes, more and more single-family offices are being set up around the world. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • the significant increase in the number of millionaires/billionaires, particularly in the world’s growth regions – even despite Covid-19;
  • ever since the financial crisis there has been a drive by families to exercise closer self-control over the family wealth;
  • the low interest rate environment, which pushes wealthy and entrepreneurial families to look for better performing investments and to diversify further into alternative asset classes;
  • continued focus on privacy and security of the family assets in times of global (tax and regulatory) reporting requirements; and
  • due to the huge amount of post-World War II wealth and family businesses that are being passed on to the next generation in the coming years.

Wealth owners and families of wealth are seeking independent advice from their trusted service providers, particularly advice independent of any product-driven recommendations and they require it on a holistic basis across all their individual asset classes. Furthermore, the traditional financial services are continuously difficult to comprehend, often resulting in a lack of understanding and trust on the side of the wealthy clients. In reaction to this, more wealth owners are deciding to have a closer look at their finances themselves, often by the way of a do-it-yourself or control-yourself approach. However, if you want to deal with your own finances and structure your wealth better, you need a certain amount of knowledge and background information to do that well.

Due to this background, BeeWyzer offers online training taking you through the jungle of services and providers showing you how you can structure your wealth to achieve better returns and make your wealth more robust against external shocks.

A financial training method like BeeWyzer becomes ever more crucial for the current and next generations of wealth owners. It provides them with the knowledge to deal with their complex finances.  And if they do not  handle it themselves, they get at least enabled to formulate clear demands vis-à-vis the financial services industry before choosing concrete investment products or service providers and evaluate the results.

Targeted, holistic and independent training provides self-confidence vis-à-vis the financial services industry and puts the wealth-owner in charge of managing or controlling his or her wealth better. The online training platform responds to this market trend and offers such training for wealth-owners and nextgens globally. It provides access to the many years of experience within the founders of BeeWyzer in the areas of both liquid and illiquid assets. The BeeWyzer founders and trainers Peter Brock and Christian Stadermann act as independent sparring partners to families of wealth, guiding them through the difficult geopolitical environment. The BeeWyzer Method as a step-by-step training for wealth organisation is:

  • Independent (of any tilt towards a certain range or seller of investment products)
  • Holistic (across all asset classes aiming at your individual wealth portfolio)
  • Enabling (with practical worksheets and spreadsheets supporting the learning videos)
  • Helping you to grow, secure and transfer your wealth across to the next generation

To get into the driver seat of organising your wealth, have a look at