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SOME THOUGHTS ON 2023 family office general wealth wealth structuring Jan 16, 2023

The future is always hard to predict, but this year it seems to be even harder: We have far too many input factors, that look like extreme wild cards:

  • The length of the Ukraine war and the subsequent constraints on energy and agricultural markets is completely uncertain
  • The effects on global...
Interview with German Manager Magazin family office general succession planning wealth structuring Feb 23, 2022

A few weeks ago the founders of BeeWyzer talked to Manager Magazin together with a NextGen Masterclass student who did the training and speaks about it.

We are proud to be mentioned alongside prestigious names like Pictet and Metzler!

See the full article here:

Manager Magazin

Asset Allocation Thoughts 2022 family office general wealth structuring Dec 28, 2021


Professional investors are currently moving towards anticyclical investing in order to shield off against inflation and market risk. It is also reflected in the media by now (e.g German newspaper Handelsblatt (Nr. 220, weekend edition 12. - 14. November 2021, page 38)....

FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR BIGGER WEALTH? family office general wealth structuring Sep 04, 2021

Financial Planning for private wealth has been around for some decades now and has certainly done a lot of good: people started to treat their personal finances with more care, applying a systematic approach and the concentrated knowledge of trained advisors.

It always starts with a wealth...

THE INFLATION FEAR general wealth wealth structuring May 19, 2021

In the last decades, interest rates have only shown one direction – alongside inflation rates they have moved south. Until they tipped the bottom at zero or even in negative figures.

Now for the first time, inflation is on the screen again with prices in some commodities picking up and...

IMPACT INVESTING IN EUROPE general wealth structuring Nov 02, 2020

Impact investing is finally coming to Germany and Europe, after it existed for some time in the Anglo-Saxon world. The GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) defines: “Impact Investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social...

The BeeWyzer Robustness Score Tool – THE ROBUSTNESS OF YOUR WEALTH general succession planning wealth wealth structuring Oct 13, 2020

Everybody wants his wealth to be organized in a sustainable way. And when I use the term sustainable, I mean two things: Investments obviously should contribute to making this world a better place and investments should be structured as to withstand external shocks.

Diversification is usually the...

Merchant banking approach of families of wealth general wealth structuring Sep 04, 2020

Is a Family Office today, what a Merchant Bank was in the past ?

Let me explain: In former times, the Anglo-Saxon merchant banking institutions, run by entrepreneurial families like the Rothschilds or the Warburgs, were traditionally combining private and institutional banking services for their...

Factors to consider when deciding on setting up a Family Office family office wealth structuring Sep 04, 2020

People often ask how big the wealth should be for a Family Office to make sense. In the EY Family Office Guide, written some time ago, the team decided that a level of USD 200m would be the minimum for a Family Office. But other sources state higher values around for example USD 500m. A decision...