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Article on financial education in the International Family Offices Journal family office succession planning Nov 04, 2022

BeeWyzer founder published an article on financial education in the renowned family offices journal. Just let us know you are interested and you will receive a PDF with all graphics:



NextGens talking! family office succession planning May 24, 2022

Peter Brock from BeeWyzer recently participated in a webinar on the NextGen process, organized by our affiliate partner Trusted Family.

Now you can watch the recording!

Interview with German Manager Magazin family office general succession planning wealth structuring Feb 23, 2022

A few weeks ago the founders of BeeWyzer talked to Manager Magazin together with a NextGen Masterclass student who did the training and speaks about it.

We are proud to be mentioned alongside prestigious names like Pictet and Metzler!

See the full article here:

Manager Magazin

Interview on the BeeWyzer Masterclass with the founders family office general succession planning wealth Sep 20, 2021

In July this year Opalesque Family Office and Investor Magazine published an interview with Peter Brock and Christian Stadermann: the two founders of BeeWyzer talk about the NextGen Masterclass they launched, why financial eduction matters and how to offer an enabling training:


Why financial education matters family office general succession planning Sep 13, 2021

Unless you are a banker, you will not normally have been taught techniques for structuring your own wealth. This is never part of the curriculum at any school or university. If you have earned or are about to inherit a significant amount of wealth, many advisers, banks and wealth managers will be...

THE IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING IN TODAY’S PRIVATE WEALTH family office general succession planning Oct 13, 2020

The financial services industry continues to change – not only due to the significant financial crises (Lehman, Covid-19) and the continuing regulatory changes, but also due to digitalization, changing requirements from the Next Generation of wealth owners or the increasingly product-driven...

The BeeWyzer Robustness Score Tool – THE ROBUSTNESS OF YOUR WEALTH general succession planning wealth wealth structuring Oct 13, 2020

Everybody wants his wealth to be organized in a sustainable way. And when I use the term sustainable, I mean two things: Investments obviously should contribute to making this world a better place and investments should be structured as to withstand external shocks.

Diversification is usually the...

Privacy and self-control of family fortunes – Family Offices continuously on the rise general succession planning wealth Sep 04, 2020

Undoubtedly, more and more (single) family offices are continuously being set-up around the world. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

The significant increase in the number of millionaires / billionaires particularly in the world’s growth regions, the continued strive for...