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SOME THOUGHTS ON 2023 family office general wealth wealth structuring Jan 16, 2023

The future is always hard to predict, but this year it seems to be even harder: We have far too many input factors, that look like extreme wild cards:

  • The length of the Ukraine war and the subsequent constraints on energy and agricultural markets is completely uncertain
  • The effects on global...
Interview with Private Banking Magazine family office general wealth Jun 23, 2022

Please have a look at the interview our founder Christian Stadermann had with Private Banking Magazine on BeeWyzer - unfortunately only in German:


Why holistic asset organisation is even more important in times of inflation family office general wealth May 07, 2022

Inflation is a good prism for making the importance of holistic wealth organization and management visible.

Just imagine Miss Jane Smith, a woman in her 40ies, she lives in a country of the western world and has some wealth she inherited from her family plus some very good money she earned as...

Interview with German Manager Magazin family office general succession planning wealth structuring Feb 23, 2022

A few weeks ago the founders of BeeWyzer talked to Manager Magazin together with a NextGen Masterclass student who did the training and speaks about it.

We are proud to be mentioned alongside prestigious names like Pictet and Metzler!

See the full article here:

Manager Magazin

Asset Allocation Thoughts 2022 family office general wealth structuring Dec 28, 2021


Professional investors are currently moving towards anticyclical investing in order to shield off against inflation and market risk. It is also reflected in the media by now (e.g German newspaper Handelsblatt (Nr. 220, weekend edition 12. - 14. November 2021, page 38)....

SME-LOANS AS BOND ALTERNATIVE AND INFLATION HEDGE? family office general wealth Nov 16, 2021

We have covered inflation worries and the related interest rate outlook early on in one of the last blogs – and our views were pretty much spot on! The traditional credit market is no option for investors that do not follow the appeasing central bank rhetoric, the stock market could be...

Interview on the BeeWyzer Masterclass with the founders family office general succession planning wealth Sep 20, 2021

In July this year Opalesque Family Office and Investor Magazine published an interview with Peter Brock and Christian Stadermann: the two founders of BeeWyzer talk about the NextGen Masterclass they launched, why financial eduction matters and how to offer an enabling training:


Why financial education matters family office general succession planning Sep 13, 2021

Unless you are a banker, you will not normally have been taught techniques for structuring your own wealth. This is never part of the curriculum at any school or university. If you have earned or are about to inherit a significant amount of wealth, many advisers, banks and wealth managers will be...

FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR BIGGER WEALTH? family office general wealth structuring Sep 04, 2021

Financial Planning for private wealth has been around for some decades now and has certainly done a lot of good: people started to treat their personal finances with more care, applying a systematic approach and the concentrated knowledge of trained advisors.

It always starts with a wealth...

INTEREST RATE GUESSING FOR THE 2020s general wealth Jul 08, 2021

Economists that work in the financial markets tend to follow the crowd. That is very economic and risk averse on their side: If they are wrong like everybody else, they will not be blamed on an individual level. If they were wrong as the ‘odd one out’, they would be more likely to...

THE INFLATION FEAR general wealth wealth structuring May 19, 2021

In the last decades, interest rates have only shown one direction – alongside inflation rates they have moved south. Until they tipped the bottom at zero or even in negative figures.

Now for the first time, inflation is on the screen again with prices in some commodities picking up and...

BeeWyzer Thoughts on 2021 general wealth Jan 04, 2021

Following a very bumpy year 2020 with a decline in stock markets in March 2020 of around 30% and a pick-up of valuations to new highs within a short time of around 6 months, it seems difficult to make any projections for the coming year 2021 at all. At the end of the year 2020 for example the...

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