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Merchant banking approach of families of wealth

Is a Family Office today, what a Merchant Bank was in the past ?

Let me explain: In former times, the Anglo-Saxon merchant banking institutions, run by entrepreneurial families like the Rothschilds or the Warburgs, were traditionally combining private and institutional banking services for their...

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Growing importance of impact investing

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

As part of the search for new and interesting assets classes, impact investing increasingly comes into the fray…, although many people argue that all investments are impact investments, as any investment will have an impact (be it good or bad) on society and / or the environment....

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Factors to consider when deciding on setting up a Family Office

People often ask how big the wealth should be for a Family Office to make sense. In the EY Family Office Guide, written some time ago, the team decided that a level of USD 200m would be the minimum for a Family Office. But other sources state higher values around for example USD 500m. A decision...

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